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4 8oz. salmon filets, bones removed, skin-on

3 T of Soul D' Licious Blackened Seasoning

4 T of extra virgin olive oil

2 lemons (juiced)


Clean and prepare salmon filets as described above.  Apply generous amounts of Soul D' Licious Blackened Seasoning to the flesh side of salmon, only. 


Pre-heat cast iron skillet over medium-high head.  Add the extra virgin olive oil to pan and allow to heat until the oil begins to smoke heavily.  Reduce heat and add salmon filets to skillet, flesh side down. 


Return heat and allow the salmon filets to cook for approximately 2-3 minutes.  Using a spatula, gently turn the salmon over and allow to cook until the skin becomes crispy (approximately 5-6 minutes). 


Prepare your serving dish and sprinkle salmon with lemon juice, serving immediately.


Blackened Salmon pictured above over a bed of converted white rice and sauteed spinach with garlic


Soul D' Licious Seasonings can now be purchased in Smart & Final locations throughout Las Vegas & Phoenix.


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